Startup role deepdive- Director of Strategy, Customer Success

director of strategy, cs at startup

In an early-stage startup, every role has a direct impact on the company’s trajectory. Wondering what life as a  Director of Strategy, Customer Success is like?
Let’s down its key responsibilities and the skill set needed to excel in it.

What does a Director of Strategy, Customer Success do at a startup?🤷‍♀️

A Director of Strategy, Customer Success at a startup is responsible for overseeing the customer success teams, guiding customer success managers, and developing strategies to expand the customer base and retain existing customers. They work towards increasing the company’s customer base, retention, and overall business success. For more information, you can refer to this [link](

types of startup roles for Director of Strategy, Customer Success

In both early and later-stage companies, the role of Director of Strategy, Customer Success can vary significantly in scope and responsibility. In an early-stage company like ClientSuccess, you’re likely to wear multiple hats, focusing on immediate impact and rapid growth. In contrast, at a later-stage company such as Drift , the role is usually more specialised, often supported by a larger team and more established processes.

Understanding these nuances is key to deciding where your skills and career ambitions are best suited.


Who the role suits : Executives with a strong focus on long-term customer success strategy.

  1. Design Manager:Overseeing design projects from conception to delivery.
    Managing design teams.
    Coordinating with other departments to ensure design alignment

alternative role titles ✍️

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