Startup role deepdive- Software Developer III

software dev level 3

In an early-stage startup, every role has a direct impact on the company’s trajectory. Wondering what life as a  Software Developer III is like?
Let’s down its key responsibilities and the skill set needed to excel in it.

What does a Software Developer III do at a startup?🤷‍♀️

A Software Developer at a startup is responsible for developing, testing, debugging, and documenting software programs for computer-based systems. They work with developers to design algorithms and produce clean code based on specifications. They may also play a key role in architecture design and leading small teams.

types of startup roles for Software Developer III

In both early and later-stage companies, the role of Software Developer III can vary significantly in scope and responsibility. In an early-stage company like DevMate, you’re likely to wear multiple hats, focusing on immediate impact and rapid growth. In contrast, at a later-stage company such as Atlassian , the role is usually more specialised, often supported by a larger team and more established processes.

Understanding these nuances is key to deciding where your skills and career ambitions are best suited.


Who the role suits : Skilled coders with a few years of experience, comfortable with multiple languages.

  1. Software DeveloperCoding, testing and debugging software.
    Collaborating with cross-functional teams.
    Assisting in system and user testing

alternative role titles ✍️

Head of Operations

For daily operational tasks, Operations Manager is ideal. For shaping operational strategy, choose Head of Operations.

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