Zenrows vs Clay for Workflow Automation

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AI for sales? Exploring tools? Let’s dive into a snappy comparison: Clay vs Zenrows in the SaaS arena!
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Zenrows vs Clay: SaaS Giants in Workflow Automation


  • Tailored for: Real estate scraping, ML data collection, brand monitoring.
  • Pricing: 4 plans from Developer ($49/mo) to Enterprise ($999+/mo).
  • Features: Anti-bot AI, Proxy Rotator, CAPTCHA Bypass, and more.


  • Tailored for: Automating tasks, building microservices, chatbots, and more.
  • Pricing: Starts at $97/mo with 3 varied plans.
  • Features: 100+ integrations, replaces manual data entry, automates processes.

Quick Feature Dive:

  • Zenrows: Headless Browser, Rotating Proxies, JS Challenge Solver, etc.
  • Clay: 50+ data providers, real-time scraping, AI for personalized campaigns.

Use Cases:

  • Zenrows: Ideal for instant data scraping, influencer tracking, etc.
  • Clay: Perfect for automating workflows, data scraping, building microservices.


  • Zenrows: 5 stars on G2, a tech stack integrator for web scraping.
  • Clay: 5 stars on G2, over 100 built-in integrations, automates processes.

No negatives found for either! Both are robust, offering unique features and pricing plans to cater to varied business needs and financial scopes.

In a Nutshell:

  • Clay: Scales creative outbound ideas, automates repetitive tasks, and enriches connections.
  • Zenrows: A web scraping API tool, bypassing anti-bot measures, and offering vast data collection.

Ready to explore more? Hit up Zenrows or Clay and snag a demo!