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Free DLI Assessment

Our research shows that the most successful sales professionals are also the most highly self-directed in their approach to learning.

This makes sense because successful sales professionals understand that to close deals one needs to learn – a lot, as efficiently as possible.

The Dynamic Learning Index (DLI) assessment is a valid and reliable assessment that measures four dimensions that contribute significantly to self-directed learning (SDL): Self-Efficacy, Learner-Goal Orientation, Self-Regulation, and Interpersonal Communications.

Upon completion of the DLI, you will receive a personalized PDF report that provides an overall score, as well as scores for each dimension. This gives you a baseline understanding of your SDL.

The next step is to improve those scores!

At the Sales Conservatory, we have operationalized each of these four dimensions (Sales Confidence, Professional Purpose, Vocational Discipline, Interpersonal Communication) and created a specific course for each dimension to help sales professionals develop them. Completing these courses will help tremendously in learning additional sales skills, as well as greatly facilitate more effective and efficient learning in all aspects of life.