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We are pleased to offer a variety of FREE TOOLS in conjunction with Objective Management Group,

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Tools to Assess

Your Sales Organization

The OMG SmartSizing Tool

OMG’s SmartSizing tool is the must-have tool for these uncertain times.

If you need to right-size your sales organization and want to consider more than revenue and overhead into the equation as to who to retain and in which roles, OMG’s SmartSizing tool will help you decide! 

Sales Competency Comparison Tool

Explore our sales statistics and see how your salespeople compare on 21 sales specific competencies! 

Sales Force Grader

Answer just 22 questions (it will take less than 5 minutes) and we will provide you with an instant score (on the next page) on the relative effectiveness of your sales force. Along with your score, you’ll see how your sales force compares with others, receive an explanation of what your score means, and we’ll recommend what you can do to improve your score. Get Started!

FREE Sales Force Grader

Sales Achievement Grader

Answer just 10 questions (will take less than 5 minutes) and we’ll instantly (next page) provide you with a grade on your level of sales achievement. Let’s Go!

FREE Sales Force Grader

Sales Process Grader

Are you confident in your sales process? Do you know if you are using the right steps in the right order? Let us review your current process and analyze where you can achieve improvements!

FREE Sales Process Grader

Learn More About OMG’s Sales Force Evaluation

Evaluating your sales team (your people, in the context of your sales systems, processes and strategies) is the most powerful and cost-effective thing you can do. Learn how we can help!

Tools to Assess Prospective Employees for your Sales Organization


Predictive Sales Candidates FREE TRIAL

By pre-qualifying your candidates and assessing thier skills to a minimum critiera for consideratin, you can reduce your risk and better analyze prospective sales people and managers. Register to learn more!

Predictive Sales Candidate Assessments FREE TRIAL

Request Samples of OMG Assessments

OMG Assessments can be used to enhance recruiting or to identify areas for improvement in an existing Sales Team. This assessment was built for sales, not adapted. As a result the findings are sales specific, accurate and predictive. You can download our Free Sample Assessments.

Tools to Assess Your Recruiting Effectiveness


Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Answer just 15 questions (will take less than 5 minutes) and we’ll instantly (next page) provide you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including your cost of recruitment, development and lost business. Ready?

FREE Hiring Mistake Calculator

Sales Ghost Calculator

It costs a lot money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. We continue to be affected by the salespeople of years past; those who once walked our halls, have left, and whose actions continue to haunt us and cost us dearly. How much have your ghosts cost your company? Take the Ghosts Test!

FREE Sales Ghost Calculator

Recruiting Process Grader

Does it take too long for you to hire new sales people? Do you have the right process to secure the right talent for your team? Our recruiting tool helps you discover how to improve the process and get the right people hired faster! Start the Grader!

FREE Recruiting Process Grader



Sales Force Analysis helps you identify your current Strategies, Systems, Processes and the Ideal Profile of each of your Sale Roles and Sales Leadership.

Sales leadership

The skills and effectiveness of sales management lie in the areas of coaching, motivating, recruiting, and accountability.


We teach you everything recruiters don’t want you to know. 12 Steps Sales Hiring System and Process. 98% success.

sales Skills development

Our research driven and analytical approach to understanding how people think and behave helps sales people meet needs and sell more.



We collaborate with every level of your team to ensure continuity of strategy and communication throughout your sales organization.  

sales process

From Prospecting Systems and CRM to Pipelines and Sales Operations, both internal and external processes are critical to your success.