In a recent interview, psychologist and internet sensation, Jordan Peterson, suggested that the value of going to Harvard is not for the education as much as it is for the rigorous entrance criteria.  Peterson suggests that the rigorous entrance criteria brings in the best and brightest into the university, but that the education experience is not much different that an average state university, exposing what may be the true value of an elite education.
He did not cite any references, but spoke as if it was common knowledge.  He went on to say that many universities have much more information that anyone one person could consume regardless of intellectual ability (I agree on that). Cartoon image of The True Value of an Elite Education
He went on to suggest that the student that are accepted at Harvard, or a similar elite school, know how to study and consume what is available.  Thus, the same students would be just as successful at a state university as they are at Harvard.
Again, if the state university educational system and information available is on par with an elite school such as Harvard, then the only difference is really the student and their ability to consume and comprehend the knowledge given to them but the professors and resources available.
Concluding Peterson’s discussion, he goes on toe say that hiring companies take advantage of Harvard’ graduates because of the quality of employee they received most likely thinking of the higher level of education quality, but in essence they are really taking advantage of the entrance and recruiting process found in these elites schools.
Though are are not here to discuss this premise in an evidentiary  way, we at the Sale conservatory do believe that this is true not only for the case of elite school but for every aspect of life including the sales profession.
To be clear, we do not believe that one sales system is better than another but how a sales professional is able to consume and comprehend systems to make the best use of them for their success.  In our experience, we believe that the more self-directed the sales professional becomes, their chances of greater success increases.  Our definition of self-direction is one that knows how they best consumes and comprehends information.
Thus, our approach to elevate sales professionals to greater levels of success at the Sales Conservatory is focus on how to learn as opposed to what to learn and just like Harvard and Stanford, The Sales Conservatory is not for everyone. Most sales professionals that find themselves at the Sales Conservatory are those that are motivated and disciplined to take on the challenges that the Sales Conservatory offers.
If you believe that you are one of these motivated and disciplined sales professional looking to up your game and agree with this premise and  as a sales professional, be sure to visit the Sales Conservatory Learning Community and sign up for a free seven-day trial.
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