Social media and the news is a buzz with Elon Musk news.  Right now, there is not much he can do wrong.
There is a natural inclination to follow in the footsteps of someone like Musk given all of the success that has followed him.  We ask ourselves, “what does he do that I’m not doing?”  There are several interviews with him in which the interviewer asked such a question.  In one interview he suggested that we need to work 80-100 hour work weeks.  In another, he was so married to success that he was sleeping at the Tesla factory floor.  Really?
Today, I was interviewed by Brandy Whalen, co-owner and founder of Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency.  The topic was around being a podcasting host as well as a guest, and ins and outs of these roles.
During the interview, I suggested that I had some standard ways of doing things — being productive, if you will — but that I was never led to document them though many of my colleagues felt that there might be value in showing people how I get things done.  Maybe another time.
The topic of Elon Musk came up with regard to mimicking what successful people do, such as sleeping under your desk so you can get right back to work.  Now, to be clear, Musk is a unique individual with unique successes and methods, and it’s my contention that what he does is not for the common person; however, there is much to learn from him as well as others like him.
Take a Deeper Look
So Musk sleeps at the factory floor.  Sounds committed and a bit insane, but he might have something there.  Given that he stays at work, when the next day rolls around, he does not have a commute. Now, I think we can all agree that removing commute time from our day is a good idea.  Let’s abstract even further.
Is there wasted time that you can reclaim?  Perhaps social media scrolling, or Netflix binging.  Sure, every once is a while is fine, but I have to believe that we waste a lot of time.  So, to that end Musk is right, wasting time does diminish your productivity.
Tools of Titans
In his book, Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss does what I am claiming we should do, find what other successful people do and abstract the value for ourselves.  For example, one major ideas is that there is no shortcut or magic model for health, wealth, or wisdom; thus, we need to stop looking toward others and experiment ourselves.  There, I hope I saved you some time. By the way, good book to use as a reference guide.

My Turn

Okay, lots of sales gurus out they’re giving tips like, “be persistent, but not a pain”, or “know your customer” (good one).  Now, it’s my turn to tell you what we see.  After many years of researching all of this as well as much of what I spoke of, the key to success in sales and in all things in life is to be as self-directed as you can.  This means that you can take responsibility for your learning and life direction, abstracting what is good for you and discarding the rest.  I want to continue to discuss this, but I am going to point you to my business partner’s blog on the topic.  Let’s keep this discussion going.